Business Process Improvement

Understanding the business and management processes is vital for any organisation, but describing them and delivering sustained business process improvement is difficult when you are closely involved.  This is where an outside perspective can help.

As a first step towards business process improvement, process mapping can give you the tools to find problems, specify solutions and measure improvements.  We run 2 day and 3 day workshops for groups of four to twelve people who work on current, real examples from your organisation. At the end of the workshop you take away an action plan that you can carry out to fix broken processes and measure the resulting improvements. These workshops always get rave reviews from the participants:

  • “The Team members really appreciate your excellent contribution to our success through developing the Business Process flow charts”
  • “Many thanks for your excellent work”
  • “I am very happy to receive your training on BPR which was excellent”
  • “I would like to express my appreciation for your support to complete our process mapping”
Business Process Improvement Workshop

If you want more support, or need help to start a change programme, as part of our consultancy services, we help you to:

  • Create Process Maps
  • Identify performance hurdles and root causes
  • Benchmark your processes against best practice or world-class performance
  • Create and start practical process improvement strategies
  • Support you in becoming a learning organisation where process improvement is an everyday task

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